Tangible results in inclusive vocational education


A social enterprise printing house was officially opened at Armavir State Art College. The printing house is established through the EU-funded and Save the Children-implemented “Social Innovations for Vocational Education and Employability of Young People with Disabilities” (SIVEE) project.

The EU Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, Governor of Armavir marz, Ashot Ghahramanyan, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Vahram Mkrtchyan, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Tadevos Avetisyan, sector specialists and students participated in the event.

The EU ambassador Piotr Świtalski stated that measures must be taken to ensure that young people and their skills are at the core of inclusive development. Young people with better skills have wider opportunities to find better jobs, run their own business and create jobs for others.

The Deputy Minister of Education and Science Vahram Mkrtchyan highlighted the EU support to the education and stated that the social enterprises created within colleges will direct the income to the statutory expenses of the institution.

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