Lori Region Hosted “Gaudeamus” Theatre of Yerevan State Regional College №1


“Gaudeamus” theatre of Yerevan State Regional College №1 participated in the festival of “Theatrical Lory”, on October 11.

The performance “El cianuro… Solo o con leche?” after Juan Jose Alonso Millan was staged in the Culture House after Charles Aznavour, in Vanadzor.

The actors of the performance were the students and the graduates of the College.

The performance was a great success and the actors mastered excellent artistic skills.

This is the second festival the theatre has taken part in. “Oscar” by Claude Monet was staged at Art Fest International Youth Open Festival and Hovhannes Mezhlumyan was awarded the nomination of “Best young performer”.

First steps of “Gaudeamus” theatre ensure promising and productive future. “Dinner for Schmucks” after Francis Veber will soon be staged.