German “Vocational Education and Training (VET) — Partnership” The South Caucasus Regional Program is implementing its activities in Armenia since 2017 and is aimed at promoting youth employment in Armenia which are vocational orientation, vocational education, as well practical training and the increase of acquired skills level.

Starting from January 2019 the second phase of the VET program launched for 2019-2021, whose one of the main components is the creation and development of effective collaboration and communication between the VET institution and employer organizations.

The workshop titled “Presentation of Animators training course” held on March 20, at Elite Plaza Business Center.

The workshop was attended by the German and Georgian VET program experts, as well as Head of the Primary (Craftsmanship) and Vocational Education Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia Mr. A. Aghbalyan, primary and secondary vocational educational institutions’ directors, employers and founders of business organizations.

German VET Program Manager, President of the Business and Education-Cooperation Foundation Ms. M. Jamkochian presented to the workshop participants the program “Presentation of Animators Training Course” and the purpose: create links and partnerships between VET institutions and organizations, revealing the needs and requirements of employers towards professional staff, to create students’ practical training for organizing professional training programs and internships for professionals and master teachers as a result of which students will gain practical knowledge and skills during the work, and at the end of the training will be able to become a professional shots for organizations.

During the workshop Mr. A. Aghbalyan presented a report on Armenia’s VET system.

German expert Mr. K. Bartels presented the system and the process of dual training organization on behalf of a large German shipbuilding company.

Ms. K. Seise introduced the purpose of the “Presentation of Animators Training Course” to provide participants with knowledge and skills on the introduction and development of the system, as well as to instruct trainers for VET master trainers and employers’ representatives during events organized under the VET Program based on German experience. She offered the participants to present basic issues and needs, as a result of which will be possible the further cooperation between educational institutions and companies.

As a result of the work performed by the participants’ working groups, the German partners were introduced to the key issues: the existence of a supporting structure, raising the motivation of the business sector for cooperation formation, joint development of learning curricula, students’ practice funding mechanisms, training for specialists of business organizations and educational institutions, establishment of educational centers in organizations, and a number of other issues and recommendations. During the second part of the animation training program, on April 2019, will be organized five-day training course, at the end of which the participants will pass the test, obtained about knowledge. Based on the test results, 10 participants, 5 VET’s and 5 employers will be selected as representatives, for to participate in a training program in August, which will take place in Germany.