The Visit Of The Delegation Of Saint Petersburg State University Of Economy To Armenian-Greek College

On the 16th of December the Vice Rector and the Head of Student Admission and Career Centre Department of Saint Petersburg State University of Economy visited Yerevan State Armenian-Greek College of Tourism, Service and Food Industry for the second time.

The first visit was in 2008 when an agreement of academic cooperation was signed between St. Petersburg State University of Economy and Armenian-Greek College.

Within the framework of cooperation the students of Armenian-Greek College will have many opportunities in the process of education.

The representatives of State University of Economy of St. Petersburg had a meeting with the graduates and the teachers of the Armenian-Greek College. They presented their university and the study conditions according to which the students

  • will enter the university without entrance examinations
  • can study for free part-time and full-time
  • will receive scholarships
  • will be provided with accomodation in the university student hostel