State exams in Yerevan State Armenian – Greek College of Tourism, Service and Food Industry

In 26.02.2013, 2012-2013 academical year, the Final State Certification Process started in Tourism and Food Industry Department of Yerevan State Armenian-Greek College of Tourism, Service and Food Industry where the director of National Centre for VET department Mrs T. Gasparyan, the executive director of Education and Training department of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RA Mr V. Hovhannisyan, the executive director of public organization Armenian Cookery Traditions Development and Protection Mr S. Mamulyan, the director of Yerevan Humanities and Technical College Mr N. Martirosyan and the head of Practice Department, the executive director of United Travel Tour Agency Mr N. Mkrtchyan and other employers were invited.

The examinations were going on not only by answers of theoretical questions but also by showing the students skills.

The future graduators of Public Food Technology Department were making dishes typical to different countries cuisine and were performing their cooking technology.

And the students of Tourism Management Department were not only answering the examination questions from the following subjects-Tourism Management, Hotel Dealing, Welcoming, Tourism Operating, Transport Means and Ticketing but also presenting any country and making a tourism package just on spot.

The guests expressed their satisfaction about the students `capabilities during the final exams and pointed the participation of employee engagement in professional education and training realization and final certification process which gives a great opportunity in selection of experienced employees.

The exam was over by Greek dance performed by the students.