2017 developed state educational standards, curricula and modular programs

Initial professional (craft) education

0812.01.4 "Gardening" 0812.01.01.4 "Gardening"
0811.04.4 "Pig breeding" 0811.04.01.4 "Operator of pig breeding complexes"
0811.03.4 "Poultry" 0811.03.01.4 "Operator of poultry farms"
0721.05.4 "Meat products production" 0721.05.05.4 "Sausage and semi-smoked sausage production operator"
0721.05.4 "Manufacturing of meat products" 0721.05.4 "Operator for the production of cooked sausages"
0721.05.4 "Production of meat products" 0721.05.03.4 "Preparation of semi-prepared meat products"
0721.05.4 "Production of meat products" 0721.05.02.4 "Preparation of meat jerky"
0721.05.4 "Production of meat products" 0721.05.01.4 "Operator-operator of thermal processing equipment for meat products"
0721.04.4 "Preliminary processing of animal raw materials" 0721.04.02.4 "Butcher"
0721.04.4 "Preliminary processing of animal raw materials" 0721.04.01.4 "Processor of intestines and offal"
0721.03.4 "Winemaking and juice production" 0721.03.02.4 "Juice and syrup production operator"

vocational education

0413.04.5 "Land resources management" 0413.04.01.5 "Specialist in land resources management"