2013 On July 26, a round table was organized in "Tsaghkunki Open School" of Gegharkunik region, where the start of the "Agrarian Bending School" experimental educational program and the concept of "Agrarian School" were presented in "Tsaghkunki Open School".

"Tambov-Agribusiness School" as a regional center of agricultural education, "Ministry of Education and Science", "Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia", "National Agrarian University of Armenia", "Agribusiness Development Center (ICARE)", "International Fund for Agricultural Development" were invited to the round table. , "Children's Fund of Armenia (COAF)", "National Institute of Education", "National Center for the Development of Vocational Education and Training", "Microsoft", "UNDP", "Gegharkunik Governorate", "Getashen Secondary School", "Mkhitar Sebasatsi" Educational Complex :

It is planned to create such a model of a rural school, the basis of which should be the preparation and responsibility of the student to live in native communities, the creation of a harmonious relationship with the environment, the formation of abilities to preserve nature, the preparation for living and working in rural areas. The program will aim the learner to master modern agricultural technologies and successful and effective methods in practice. A graduate of such a rural school will be an active participant in the modernization of the rural community.

The most important component of the "School with an Agrarian Bend" will be the agro-experimental center attached to the school, where all students will learn by working and have the opportunity to apply what they have learned at work. The agro-experimental center will include a small livestock farm, a greenhouse, an apiary, an orchard of fruit trees, a sowing plot, a machine park, a department for collecting and processing medicinal plants, and a flower garden.

The "School with an Agrarian Bend" experimental educational program and curriculum was developed jointly with the "National Center for the Development of Vocational Education and Training" and the "National Agrarian University of Armenia".