The German "VET - Cooperation" program and the "Business and Education - Cooperation" Foundation, together with the RA Ministry of Education and Science, are organizing a cartoon competition aimed at promoting VET.

The purpose of organizing the competition is to encourage and highlight secondary professional education through talented pupils, students and young people aged 14 to 24.

Anyone aged 14-24 who is creative and can highlight the importance of VET education through cartoons/animation films and graphics can participate in the competition.

The winners will be selected by a jury consisting of professional artists, experts, representatives of the Ministry of Education, VET institutions and the organizer. Below are the rules of the animation contest.


The theme of the contest is: "Mlower mThe importance of vocational education opinion/point of view".

All materials provided may be used on social networks (YouTube, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) at the discretion of the organizers.

Submitted materials may also be used for educational and training purposes without further consent of the participant.

The deadline for providing materials is 05/31/2019 at 18:00.

Cartoons/animations and graphics must be the entrant's own work and not copied. It must not contain any third party material and/or material that infringes any copyright. It must not contain any nudity or sexually explicit content. It must not contain any misrepresentation, dangerous or derisive remarks and must not defame any person or entity.


  • Anyone aged 14-24 can participate in the competition
  • The competition is open not only to individuals but also to groups
  • Each participant can send one or more works
  • Materials may be submitted in electronic or digital format
  • Must be creative (creative) and innovative
  • If there is text or titles, it must be in Armenian
  • Entries can be sent to the following email address: [email protected]
  • Works can also be submitted: c. Yerevan, Abovyan 34, office 8
  • Submissions must be submitted in an appropriate manner
  • It is mandatory to submit the consent form (consent to further use of the materials) as well as a photocopy of the document certifying age. Participants of VET institutions and schools should indicate the educational institution.

Video length: 1-2 minutes
Language: Armenian
Maximum age of participants: 24 years
Other criteria: The video must be interesting, creative and useful

The best videos will be shown in schools, VET institutions, and will also be posted on the organizers' website and social pages.

Contest Terms

  1. The organizers reserve the right to use all submitted works for advertising or other purposes, without the consent of the authors and special fees.
  2. Submitted materials will not be returned.