Armenia is one of the unique countries where until 2008 there were no state-sponsored quality assurance and support services for the vocational education and training system. In any country, especially if it is on the path of reform, the existence of a support structure for the VET system is mandatory. This was also an important issue for Armenia, which has adopted the path of European integration in the field of education, for which the issue of quality assurance has become key. On the other hand, from the point of view of increasing the effectiveness of the implementation of reforms, as well as ensuring the normal development of the VET system's further activities, the active and effective involvement of all system beneficiaries (direct and indirect) and stakeholders in the reform process is especially important. Hence the need to create a structure that encourages and ensures such participation. That structure was supposed to undertake and implement the current phase of VET reforms, and later, the scientific research, methodological, informational, expert, organizational and operational support of the normal and effective functioning of that system, under the political leadership of the RA Ministry of Education and Science and with the direct participation of all interested parties.

Therefore, in 2008 The "National Center for the Development of Vocational Education and Training" of the "National Institute of Education" closed joint-stock company was established as a structure of methodical support and service delivery to the primary (vocational) and secondary vocational education and training system of Armenia.

2019 On July 1, the "National Center for the Development of Vocational Education and Training" institution became part of the "National Center for Education Development and Innovations" foundation, after the dissolution of the "National Institute of Education" CJSC.

Statute 2021