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The National Center for Vocational Education and Training Development announces the start of the "WorldSkills Armenia 2023" competition for the following professions:

  1. Jewelry
  2. Fashion technology
  3. Making mobile applications*

*Taking into account that training in this profession is not organized in VET institutions, students who are studying in the field of ICT can apply. and are interested in developing mobile applications.

  1. Web design
  2. Management of IT network systems

The preliminary stage of the cooking competition has already taken place in 2023. in June (the link):

To participate in the pre-election stage of the competition, those students studying in educational institutions with the above or related specialties who:

1) were selected by the educational institution as a result of an internal competition,
2) have knowledge of the English language, particularly professional vocabulary.
Graduates of the given institution whose year of birth does not exceed 2003 can also participate. and vouched for by professionals at the educational institution.

To participate in the competition, the following documents must be submitted:
1) curriculum vitae (CV),
2) a reference signed by the director of the institution regarding the student (the reference form is attached),
3) 2 letters of recommendation from the masters of the student's production training, as well as the instructors of the professional modules,
4) 2 photos of 3X4 size.

The application package of the educational institution participating in the pre-election stage of the competition should be submitted to the National VET Development Center, Room 304 (Yerevan, Tigran Metsi 67, tel. 033-57-21-07), by September 29.

The preliminary round of the competition will take place in October (the date and place will be further informed).

Applicants must pass the following stages:

1) Written professional test,
2) An interview during which the applicant's communication and interpersonal skills, his attitude and motivation towards his profession, as well as his level of knowledge of the English language will be tested.
3) Based on the results of the preliminary round, participants will be selected who will continue their fight in the national competition round.
Information regarding the national competition will be posted on the website prior to the national round.

Reference form

The requirements for the pre-election stage of the skills competitions:

1. Jewelry
2. Fashion technology
3. Cooking
4. Development of mobile applications
5. Web technology
6. Management of IT network systems