An event titled "The Mystery of Spices" at the French-Armenian Vocational Training Center

The event organized at the French-Armenian Vocational Training Center as part of the Francophonie month was entitled "The Mystery of Spices".

During the event, the students revealed the endless world of spices to the audience, presenting their mystery: enticing taste properties, aroma, utility and applicability.

The senior chefs Garik Gevorgyan and Ofelia Martirosyan organized the discovery of the mystery of spices for the attendees, who, using different (French and Armenian) spices on the spot, obtained cookies of different flavors from the same dough. The chefs entered into a kind of competition, but the goal, as G. Gevorgyan was not the victory of the Armenian or French taste, but especially the victory of the French-Armenian.

The aroma and presence of spices were everywhere; hairdressers and tailors presented the spices with their professional eyes. The students made beautiful ornaments using various spices and decorated their hair with the spices themselves.

The exhibition of spice colored paintings was actually quite exceptional.

Spices are really everywhere: in cooking, in medicine and jewelry, in art, in perfumery. And everywhere, through them, a new symphony is born, which is the beginning of a new mystery.