Online professional trainings in October-December

On the initiative of EAEU countries, in 2023, with the support of the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB), the International Digital Platform for the Development of Professions and Skills was launched. The platform is a suite of professional development and advanced professions, technologies and skills promotion services.

From October to December 2023, it is planned to implement joint professional development programs with EAEU countries in the following skills: Information security, Blockchain technologies, CAD engineering design, BIM information modeling (Appendix No. 1). All programs will be held 72 hours online (in video conference format) with the support of EDB, leading universities and companies of EAEU countries.

Faculty are invited to participate in professional development programs to improve their skills and students to acquire advanced skills that are in demand in the high-tech industry.

The above professional development programs provide the opportunity to receive training based on global best practices in industry-leading technologies and skills, as well as advanced productivity tools.

Access to events is through open registration on the platform.

See attached documents: